Breaking News: Says Manny Ramirez, “I’m Coming Home”

This year was very hard for me, and my decision to go play baseball in the Dominica came after a long journey that I had. This was my journey.

Tell the world I'm coming home

After the Major League Baseball didn’t let me play the game using all my strength, I knew it was time for me to go. Where did I go? Mostly around the different places that I know about.

I walked on the beaches of Florida without a t-shirt on for what seemed like a very long time. After my hair got really long and blonde from the sun I walked into the airport because I had a thought that I will tell you about in a couple sentences. When I was walking through the airport a lot of people clapped for me and some other people searched me for weapons and drugs. When they didn’t find my weapons or drugs everybody continued to cheer but even harder than before.

Then I walked on to an airplane to go to one of my favorite homes in Boston City, Masssachhusssettts. That was the thought I had that I told you about earlier. It was that the happiest I was when I was in Boston City. In Boston City when I got there I realized I was very hungry and the guy at the store told me I had to give him money for food and that I didn’t have any money. I was confused because when I was playing baseball I was never hungry.

So I kept walking until I found what I thought I remembered was my real home and that is Fenway Park. At Fenway everybody was clapping at me like in the airport. There I got free food from a hot dog man and the food was a hot dog. I stayed there for what seemed like a long time again but then the hot dog man said if he kept giving the food to me he would end up just like me. And I didn’t get what was wrong with that I’m just Manny.

It was the Fall time when I felt hungry again. I know that because the leaves went from green to brown and all of the Red Sox fans were nervous and angry. I felt nervous and angry too because I didn’t know where my home was anymore.

My home wasn’t in Florida because I couldn’t swing the bat with all my STRENGTH!

My home wasn’t in Chicago because I was never really there.

My home wasn’t in Los Angeles because the West Coast is bad for my working ethics,

My home wasn’t in Boston because they are worried about other things now and not about Manny.

My home wasn’t in Cleveland because I don’t think it’s a city anymore?

My home wasn’t in New York because it is where little Manny lived, not today Manny.

and then I thought of my home when I was sitting on the street feeling sad and I saw a little flag on a big car that drove by me. And the little flag looked like this.

The flag made me remember my home in the Dominica. And then I had the thought again about how when I played baseball I wasn’t hungry. Finally I knew what I had to do. I’m coming home.

Manny Ramirez


One thought on “Breaking News: Says Manny Ramirez, “I’m Coming Home”

  1. toosoxy September 21, 2011 / 7:11 pm

    Funny. The paint picture is a nice touch.

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