Breaking News: Nick Swisher Plans to “Chill” Between Day-Night Doubleheader

After picking up 3 hits including a home run in the day game of a doubleheader between the Yankees and the Orioles in the Bronx, Nick Swisher was asked by Kimberley Jones what he plans to do while biding his time before the nightcap. Nick, cool as the other side of the pillow, announced that he plans to “chill”.

“Chillin’,” a term often characterized by relaxing, kicking back, and/or hanging out with the bros, has become something of a pattern for the Yankees right fielder. While it’s origins can be traced back to Oakland where Swisher began his career with the A’s, the fact that his laid back, brotastic attitude has prevailed, even intensified during his move from the West Coast to the East is most commendable. Beyond that, it’s infectious.

“I’m just gonna kick it, probably take a quick power nap, maybe play a bit of [Xbox] 360 with the guys,” Nick elaborated during his interview. There are murmurs within the MLB rumor mill that “the guys,” most likely  referring to AJ Burnett, Boone Logan, and Brett “Gardy” Gardner, all plan on going out for a few beers after the doubleheader, win or lose.

Solomon Crosby


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