Heat Cap Week-Long Emotional Bender With Feel-Good Win Over Lakers

After the Heat’s impressive 94-88 win over the 2-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers it was apparent that “cry gate” was simply the start of something very, very special. With the game tied and only a minute and a half to go, the Heat’s starting five, clearly more emotionally available than their opponents, bonded together to score six straight points and secure their first win in two weeks.

The win puts the Heat at 44-21, 3rd place in the Eastern Conference and in a strong position to make a run at the NBA title. The mindset, however, seems to have shifted in Miami. “It’s no longer about the playoffs,” noted star forward Lebron James, “it’s about the friendships, the honesty, the Beanie Baby collections and most of all, the journey.”

After the buzzer sounded the Heat players and coaches slapped hands, caressed cheeks, and flicked earlobes playfully before skipping off into the locker room for scrapbooking. While an outpouring of good-feeling flowed through the ambiguously gay streets of Miami following Thursday night’s win, the Heat players remain on close suicide watch as their schedule reveals they must continue to square off with more professional basketball teams who intend to beat them.


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